TheCastle Park is the town’s most beautiful park and a favourite place for relaxation. The origins of the park date back to 1812, when the first work began to turn the adjacent Riekstu kalns (Nut Hill) and the castle ruins into a park. Initially, it belonged to Count Carl Sievers, who, after opening a spa institution in the castle un 1841, undertook extensive work to create a park, where the convalescents could relax and walk.  Previously, this was an area of vegetable and herb gardens and orchards. Created on the site of what was previously a boggy hallow was a Romantic style landscape park with an artificial pond having an island at its centre.

The park has been redesigned and improved several times. There are eight sculptures of children along the sides of the lower sections of the park steps. By the pond are sculptures showing fishermen retrieving nets, and in the middle of the pond a sculpture in the form of a fountain – a youth and a large fish.

There are several festivals and cultural events taking place in the Castle Park . Performance of the Latvia National Opera also takes place in the Cesis Castle Park .




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