May park was created for the needs of visitors in the mid-19th century by Count Carl Sievers. Since in the 19th century romantic castle ruins had come into fashion in garden architecture, such ruins were created here as well. It is an example of this kind of park, with an artificial pond, terraces and greenery.

The park was once known as the Alexei Park , a name given in 1904 in honor of the birth of Russian crown prince Alexei.

In the park there is the work of sculptor Karlis Jansons “Battle with Centour”, which has, over time, become one of the town’s most familiar symbols.    

Since 2005 the park is a home to a pair of black swans. Cesis is the first town in Latvia to be chosen by a couple of black swans from Lisbon as their home.  Gracefully floating across the town’s most picturesque park ponds, the swans attract the genuine admiration of visitors. 

The park has been reconstructed in the run-up to the Cesis 800th anniversary in 2006.
As one of the best maintained cultural monuments in Latvia, the park is proud to fly the blue European flag. 



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